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Maximising the potential economic benefits a captive brings its parent requires creative captive reinsurance solutions from the professional captive reinsurance market. This is even more apposite as the insurance market continues to harden across most classes of business and nearly all regions.


Our long-held view is that a captive should always work directly with the professional captive reinsurance market in conjunction with their reinsurance broker and captive advisor. The specific transfer of knowledge in a dynamic manner will ensure that the best solutions are developed for both the captive and its reinsurance market partners.

Aspects to consider in the development of a captive / ART reinsurance programme include:

  • Structure - Mono-line or multi-line stop loss protection

  • Period - Semi-annual, annual or multi-year

  • Territorial Scope - Single territory, pan-regional or global

  • Cover - Per occurrence and aggregate retention levels to drive optimum pricing

Our consultants work with our clients and their specialist captive reinsurance broker to develop and implement the right captive and alternative risk business strategy to enable their profits and efficiency to soar

​​RISCS CWC provides independent, innovative, strategic risk consultancy to brokers, underwriters, corporates, and captives across the world. Drawing on decades of experience in the global captive and ART industry, we work with our clients to build an individual RISCS CWC Strategic Risk Pathway. Delivering a range of services and knowledge from the very first tentative self-insurance steps through to full captive operation and protection, we work with and support our clients every step of the way.

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