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A captive is a dynamic risk management tool and as such should conduct independent stewardship reviews of its operations at the very least on a five-year cyclical basis.

As independent risk, captive and ART consultants, we are best placed to undertake these reviews as we are not tied to any captive domiciles, captive managers or reinsurers. We have successfully pioneered a specific consultancy solution, the RISCS CWC Captive Health Check, to deliver a full audit of a captive’s activities and advise on future strategies accordingly.

Our Captive Health Check will deliver the following four critical reviews:

1. Strategic review of the captive

To confirm whether the original strategic objectives for establishing the captive have been met and are still valid, and to propose additional objectives for the captive’s next three to five-year underwriting cycle.

2. Domicile review

To confirm whether the current domicile continues to be the most suitable location, and if not then to recommend alternatives; we will include in this section of the RISCS CWC Captive Health Check a commentary on the implementation of Base Erosion & Profit Shifting (BEPS)in various jurisdictions.

3. Structure review

To confirm whether in its current form the structure is still suitable or if it should be transformed from its current state to an alternative structure, e.g.: cell captive to pure captive.

4. Manager review

To confirm whether the current captive management team are the most suitable managers going forward and if not, to recommend alternatives.

​​RISCS CWC provides independent, innovative, strategic risk consultancy to brokers, underwriters, corporates, and captives across the world. Drawing on decades of experience in the global captive and ART industry, we work with our clients to build an individual RISCS CWC Strategic Risk Pathway. Delivering a range of services and knowledge from the very first tentative self-insurance steps through to full captive operation and protection, we work with and support our clients every step of the way.

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