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Most captives will need the services of a fronting insurer to handle local and international policy issuance, premium tax collection and payment, compliance with local and international regulatory requirements and to participate in parts of the excess insurance programmes.


These are complex issues and the full services required are only really available from a handful of global carriers. We work with our clients to help them identify the best fronting solutions to ensure that all these complexities are addressed in the most effective manner.


Our captive fronting consulting services cover:

  • Analysis of potential fronting partners

  • Review of credit requirements including collateral options

  • Benchmark of programme service charges

  • Comparing fronting fees between carriers



Our belief is that all legal activities can be included in a captive portfolio.

We work with our clients to push the boundaries of captive and ART solutions.

​​RISCS CWC provides independent, innovative, strategic risk consultancy to brokers, underwriters, corporates, and captives across the world. Drawing on decades of experience in the global captive and ART industry, we work with our clients to build an individual RISCS CWC Strategic Risk Pathway. Delivering a range of services and knowledge from the very first tentative self-insurance steps through to full captive operation and protection, we work with and support our clients every step of the way.

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