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Press Articles

RISCS CWC are frequently consulted by the captive and insurance press for our views on current captive affairs.

Please click on the links below to access a sample of the articles. 

Experts explore the benefits of group captives

September 2023

RISCS CWC creates new audit service for captives

August 2023

RISCS CWC Internal Audit Captive Review Article

August 2023

Domicile Wars: Innovation, track record keeps Guernsey on top of European pile

July 2023

Market hedging, non-aviation risks driving captive conversations among airlines

July 2023

Domicile Wars: Third party risk expected to boost Labuan’s captive proposition

June 2023

RISCS CWC completes merger

March 2023

Captive proposition for MGAs increasingly attractive

February 2023

RISCS and Cutts-Watson Consulting to merge independent firms

January 2023

The year ahead, 2022: Looking into the crystal ball, Captive Insurance Times

January 2022

Labuan IBFC sees cell formations amid domicile promotion

September 2021

Labuan - a growing domicile for European risk owners

September 2021

Final Word - Increasing usage of cell captives is here to stay

July 2021

RISCS establishes UK cell captive in Labuan

July 2021

RISCS complete world-first cell establishment in Labuan

July 2021

RISCS completes world-first UK cell establishment in Labuan

July 2021

India finance hub establishes captive legislation

July 2021

Australian business sets up new Labuan captive

May 2021

Oliver Schofield named in Captive Power 50 2021

May 2021

The rise of European captive nationalism

April 2021

RISCS executes world's first simultaneous captive conversion and redomestication
Creative Uses for Captives in a Hard Market, Part 2

15th July 2020, first published in "Captive International"

Creative Uses for Captives in a Hard Market, Part 1

1st July 2020

Press Release, 22nd June 2020

Covid-19: It is not all about the insurance industry’s financial response

Captive Review, 28th November 2019

Lloyd's plans to reintroduce captive domicile

Insurance Insider, 11th July 2019

PG&E D&O captive

Captive Review, 17h October 2018

European Domiciles should speed up approval process

Labuan IBFC Insights, August 2018

Self insurance for unique risks 

Captive Review, 28th June 2018

Reserve Mechanical: Judge Kerrigan shows limited knowledge of reinsurance market

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