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Podcasts, Webinars & Presentations

RISCS CWC are regularly invited to present at a range of national and international conferences. We also host our very own ‘’Captive Conversations™" several times each year.

RISCS CWC enjoy contributing regularly to global podcasts to discuss the latest trends in the constantly evolving captive area.

Please click on the links below to access the recordings or contact us to discuss each of these topics in detail.

RISCS CWC Captive Conversation - Guernsey in Focus
Oliver Schofield is joined by Malcolm Cutts-Watson and Graham Powell to discuss Guernsey's position as a leading global captive domicile
RISCS CWC Captive Conversation - Cayman
Oliver Schofield is joined by Kevin Poole to discuss the recent Cayman captive conference, increasing interest from Latin America-based businesses and Cayman's continued growth in 2024.
RISCS CWC Captive Conversation - Looking Towards 2024
Oliver Schofield is joined by Dominic Wheatley to discuss the successes and growth of 2023 for the Captive industry and what 2024 could bring.
RISCS CWC Captive On The Move - ECF Luxembourg 2023 
The European Captive Forum is a valuable gathering for delegates to discuss the issues of the day pertaining to the European captive landscape. In this first edition of the RISCS CWC Captive 'On the Move', David Hully and Oliver Schofield catch up with a number of captive experts at the ECF 2023 conference in Luxembourg.
RISCS CWC Captive Conversation October 2023 - Mark Heath and Ryan Dodd from Intangic discuss their evolutionary new cyber solution
Captive Review Webinar with Zurich Insurance Company: Exploring the benefits of group captives - August 2023
RISCS CWC Captive Conversation August 2023 - Internal Audit
Global Captive Podcast: The merger of RISCS and Cutts-Watson Consulting, January 2023
A coffee with.... Damian Cocking (London & Capital) and Oliver Schofield, December 2022
Business Interruption & other stories: exploring captives and emerging risks, David Hully in conversation with Caroline Wooley (Meaden Moore), December 2022
Global Captive Podcast, Evolving Reinsurance Strategies for Captives, David Hully & Oliver Schofield, November 2022
Captives & their evolving place in a hard market, David Hully in conversation with John O'Brien (AXCO) November 2022
Global Captive Podcast, May 2022
Asia Insurance Summit March 2022
Labuan IBFC Asian Captive Conference - Democratisation of Self-Insurance December 2021
RISCS Captive Conversation September 2021
Labuan IBFC & RISCS webinar September 2021
Global Captive Podcast, May 2021
Captive Review Formation Guide 2021
Global Captive Podcast, March 2021
The Voice of Insurance, June 2020
Captive Review, Labuan IBFC, Principal Re & RISCS Webinar, April 2020
Global Captive Podcast, March 2020
Global Captive Podcast, April 2019
Global Captive Podcast, December 2020
Asia Captive Conference, Principal Re & RISCS, 2018
Press Articles

RISCS CWC are frequently consulted by the captive and insurance press for our views on current captive affairs.

Please click on the links below to access a sample of the articles. 

RISCS CWC Internal Audit Fact Sheet

August 2023

RISCS CWC Internal Audit Captive Review Article

July 2023

Labuan IBFC sees cell formations amid domicile promotion

September 2021

Labuan - a growing domicile for European risk owners

September 2021

Final Word - Increasing usage of cell captives is here to stay

July 2021

RISCS establishes UK cell captive in Labuan

July 2021

RISCS complete world-first cell establishment in Labuan

July 2021

RISCS completes world-first UK cell establishment in Labuan

July 2021

India finance hub establishes captive legislation

July 2021

Australian business sets up new Labuan captive

May 2021

Oliver Schofield named in Captive Power 50 2021

May 2021

The rise of European captive nationalism

April 2021

RISCS executes world's first simultaneous captive conversion and redomestication
Creative Uses for Captives in a Hard Market, Part 2

15th July 2020, first published in "Captive International"

Creative Uses for Captives in a Hard Market, Part 1

1st July 2020

Press Release, 22nd June 2020

Covid-19: It is not all about the insurance industry’s financial response

Captive Review, 28th November 2019

Lloyd's plans to reintroduce captive domicile

Insurance Insider, 11th July 2019

PG&E D&O captive

Captive Review, 17h October 2018

European Domiciles should speed up approval process

Labuan IBFC Insights, August 2018

Self insurance for unique risks 

Captive Review, 28th June 2018

Reserve Mechanical: Judge Kerrigan shows limited knowledge of reinsurance market

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