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RISCS are not captive managers – we are captive solution providers and support our clients with their relationship and ongoing interaction with their chosen captive managers.


With our in-depth knowledge of the leading captive managers in the main domiciles we advise prospective captives on the right service provider in their chosen domicile for the captive programme we have designed.


Our ongoing captive operation support, known as the RISCS CWC Strategic Risk Pathway, is actively sought by clients wanting the comfort of knowing that they are always maximising the benefits of the captive.


There are a large number of captive managers around the world, some of whom work inhouse for an insurer or a broker as well as a small and decreasing number of independent managers. For full-service capabilities we recommend using the services of a captive manager that also owns and operates its own PCC and ICC businesses.


A captive insurance manager should offer a comprehensive range of management and administration services, including:

  • Set-up and incorporation

  • Company management and administration

  • Corporate services

  • Compliance and regulatory services

  • Underwriting services.


Most managers will employ highly experienced and respected practitioners that provide this full spectrum of services.


Our belief is that all legal activities can be included in a captive portfolio.

We work with our clients to push the boundaries of captive and ART solutions.

​​RISCS CWC provides independent, innovative, strategic risk consultancy to brokers, underwriters, corporates, and captives across the world. Drawing on decades of experience in the global captive and ART industry, we work with our clients to build an individual RISCS CWC Strategic Risk Pathway. Delivering a range of services and knowledge from the very first tentative self-insurance steps through to full captive operation and protection, we work with and support our clients every step of the way.

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